The City of Franklin has launched the design process to envision a new City Hall.

From 70s Shopping Mall to State-of the-Art City Hall

Let’s Complete the Square!

About the project

Franklin City Hall is housed in a 1970s mall on the historic public square in downtown Franklin.  Prior to 1968, the site had a plethora of historical and unique uses, from stables, buggy repair shops, and an auction barn with livestock to a grocery store and automotive sales service area.  The original architecture matched the surrounding buildings; brick in construction with grand arches large enough for a horse and buggy to travel through.

A one-story, block-long mall replaced those buildings in 1974, complete with several department stores and shops. The mall closed in the early 1980s leading to the purchase of the site for its current use, City Hall. The building has held city government offices since that time and was never intended to serve this purpose long term. The large department store mall layout with a lack of windows, leaky roof, and incompatible architecture creates a less than ideal configuration. The building has outlived its use as functional office space and lacks the welcomeness and prominence that a public City Hall should offer its citizens.

The City seeks to redevelop the site with a state-of-the-art City Hall facility, inclusive of public meeting spaces, additional parking, potential complementary uses, activated streetscape, outdoor gathering spaces, and site improvements. The existing parking structure and the Pull Tight Theater will remain on-site. The new campus will address its prominence on the historic downtown square and serve the citizens for generations to come.

1950, Aerial Image of Franklin Square
Harpeth Square Mall

The History of Franklin City Hall

Video of Franklin City Hall’s History

City Hall Conditions

Video of Franklin City Hall Conditions

Public Engagement / Round 1

Video of Public Engagement/Round 1

Franklin will continually strive to be a community of choice for individuals, families, and businesses to grow and prosper through an excellent quality of life supported by exceptional, responsive, and cost effective City services.


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